Friday, June 13, 2008

Celebrating New Orleans

By all accounts, the first official LUPEC Chicago event was a great success. All the ladies had a great time, there were lots of laughs. And we identified a few things that will be part of our future events.

In attendance: Stone Manhattan (our lovely hostess), Kiki Royale, Ginny Tonic, Delilah, Shelley Temple, yours truly and our one member who had not yet decided on her cocktail nickname.

There were
Sazeracs, Ramos Gin Fizzes (and boy were my arms tired from shaking all of them), and more. Ms. Manhattan shared the history of these cocktails, as well as cocktails in New Orleans generally, and served a feast of crab cakes, grilled andouille, and a fantastic salad - we'll post the recipe here shortly.

New Rules

1. There will be
goldfish crackers at all our cocktail parties that take place in a member's home. As Ms. Manhattan put it, it's not a cocktail party without goldfish.

2. After each event, we'll post a segment called
Rye Confessions, in which we'll reveal one interesting fact about a member that arose during the event. The first confession - our member who did not have her name decided yet happened to mention that she used to shed a few tears during most episodes of Eight is Enough. Perhaps her new nickname should be Eight is Enough... we'll see.

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