Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Latest Events and Exciting Plans

Although it's been crickets chirping over here on the blog, the ladies of Chicago LUPEC have had lots of great stuff going on. Here's a recap of what you missed, as well as what's coming up:

June Get Together
We met up at Stone Manhattan's place for an ultra-casual night of beer cocktails and all manner of sausages, hotdogs and fixin's, along with cherry and (the best) blueberry pie. It was a somber night, very mellow - both MJ and Farrah had passed that day. Ms. Manhattan happens to work for a certain Chicago-based food company, so their great products always make an appearance at her events.

The drinks tasted included:
  • Shandy - half lager, half ginger ale
  • Snakebite - half stout, half hard cider
  • Black Velvet - half stout, half champagne
  • one we dubbed the "Trailer Park Mimosa" with Mickey's malt liquor, rum, orange juice and lime juice. Ms. Manhattan dared us to try Mickey's, and being the type of gals we are, we did. It was just about how we envisioned/remembered it. Still shuddering a bit.
July at Tiny Lounge
Last month, we had a night out and met up at the Tiny Lounge. We invited a few potential new members to join us and meet the ladies, and it was great - we now have three new members! It was a night of delicious drinks, great eats, and good times. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures.

Coming Months
Here's the rundown of what we're planning:
  • August - Eight is Enough is hosting us for a night of great cocktails later this month
  • September - Kiki Royale has some fun stuff planned for the ladies
  • October - Morning Delight is working on a fantastic event for the ladies. We'll be inviting all the great ladies in Chicago to join us and support women business owners in our area. We'll visit great boutiques, taste some great cocktails along the way, and have a fantastic time. More details coming soon.
  • November - TBD, depending on timing of October event.
  • December - Repeal Day Party 2009. We are gearing up for another great night of cocktails and music to celebrate the repeal of Prohibition on December 5th. More details coming soon!