Friday, January 30, 2009

Latest News & Updates

January's Chills
This month, one of our members had some major surgery, so we planned our event around a visit to her in the hospital. We gathered at Northwestern Memorial and hung out with our recovering member for awhile, and then headed to the nearby C-View lounge for cocktails.

C-View is a beautiful space, and has a wonderful view of the city - it's on the 29th floor of the Affinia Hotel. The drinks were a bit pricier than we realized (e.g., Manhattans were $16), but they were tasty. We had a lot of fun and were sorry that those who weren't there had missed it.

No photos from this one, I'm afraid - I neglected to bring my camera.

Repeal Day Recap
I am pleased to announce that we raised $350 for the Greenhouse Shelter at our Repeal Day soirees and with additional donations from a few of our members. I've collected all the funds as of today, and will be sending them a check shortly.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and joined us, and thanks to our friends at the Clark Street Ale House and the Drawing Room.

February Plans
I am hosting February's gathering at my house on the 15th, and am planning to serve classic cocktails with obscure ingredients. Still trying to decide on the exact menu, but am having fun opening and using those esoteric liqueurs in my liquor cabinet. More on that next month!

Stay warm out there, everybody.

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