Saturday, November 15, 2008

October and the Shushing (sp?)

We had a mini-meeting in October, with just three of us in attendance (Shelley Temple, Stone Manhattan and yours truly). We met at Weegee's Lounge for cocktails and conversation, knowing we could get a great cocktail there. Unfortunately, we ended up being there on the night of the last Presidential debate, and no one warned us of the serious debate watching party that would take place. We were actually "shushed" and asked to be quiet! In a bar! As a result, we closed our meeting early, after finishing our cocktails.

We did have some great cocktails, including a classic Martini (made with my favorite gin), as well as a nice Alice, Mine and a Manhattan.

November brings our Rum Escape, with all things Tiki. Sounds perfect given how cold it is out there today - I'm all for pretending we're somewhere tropical. More on that one soon!

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